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MnSCU's Desire2Learn Learning Environment (LE) is version 10.1 SP14 as of March 24, 2014.

April 4, 2013 FAQ of the Week

Question: How do I dismiss or restore News Items?

Answer: Dismiss and Restore News Items From Your Individual View

March 27, 2013 FAQ of the Week

Question:  How do the All or Nothing, Equally Weighted, and Right Minus Wrong grading options work for Matching, Ordering and Multi-Select Questions?

Answer:  Scoring Options for Matching, Ordering and Multi-Select Questions 

March 20, 2013 FAQ of the Week

Question: How do I filter and search for Quiz Submissions and Dropbox Submissions?

Answer:  This has been confusing to users who expect to select a filter option from the drop-down menu and have the filter automatically run.  It is necessary to click the Search icon button to display the filter results.

How to perform Filter and Search in Quiz and Dropbox

March 15, 2013 FAQ of the Week

Question: Why doesn't the nav bar display in Discussions?

Answer: How to display navbar in Discussions tool

Communication and Feedback

Many faculty members and students have indicated that the new interface was easy to learn. But D2L constantly strives to improve its products, seeking input from clients. We would appreciate hearing from faculty, students, and technical staff about what is working well, and what requires further enhancement. The best ideas come from the people who use the product. Please submit your ideas and feedback directly to the MnSCU Service Center at http://d2l.custhelp.com, or through your local campus site administrator.